Johnson Millennium Info & Repairs

Requests for Repair

Using the disassembling video, it's possible for a long distance repair to be executed without sending an entire amp. One of the special services I can offer is an upgrade of JM-150s to a 250 watt power amplifier section. If you're looking for parts, I have a stock of EEPROMs and DRAMs available, and for general information you can contact me.


The Johnson Millennium was a tube integrated, modeling guitar amplifier introduced in the mid-1990's. I purchased my first JM-150 in 1998 and became very comfortable with the unique features the amp had to offer. For years, there was no tool that was as advanced, flexible, or sounded as good in one package, and especially in the price range.

Professionally, it became my swiss-army knife, and even 15 years later, there are only a few products that I think have made the Johnson obsolete, like Fractal Audio's Axe-FX. I've solved many problems including replacement of EEPROMs, DRAMs, Master Volume pots, power supplies and amplifiers, etc... I have offered support for a number of people via email, and have had people drive their amps to me in order to look at them. If you have a question pertaining to the JM-150 or 250, please feel free to contact me.