Bosley warming up on guitar for W4's End of Summer II Embedded-DSP Project designed/assembled by Bosley Bosley performing an electronic composition at the 100xJohn Festival:White Box NYC Infinity Box Construction with Design Compendium, INC Bosley Playing Guitar with Tricky Dick and The Cover Ups Custom Built MIDI Breakout Board


Don Bosley (b.1982) is an active composer, guitarist, and music technologist based in New York City. Bosley's work draws from a diverse palette of life experiences ranging from performing in gospel churches and electronic ensembles, to a stint in the Marine Corps Infantry. Coupled with studies in composition under the tutelage of such composers as Andrew Rindfleisch, Joan LaBarbara, and Joel Chadabe, Bosley has developed a distinct voice in his musical work.

Bosley holds a Master of Music in Music Technology from New York University, and a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Cleveland State University. His previous work includes project management of the start-up phase of , software development with , and the technical advisor for the Brooklyn based Along with continued exploration in performance and composition, Bosley's most recent work is centered around the construction of , as well as hardware and software development including an embedded-DSP application with in Brooklyn, NY.