I teach guitar and theory to private students in Brooklyn/Queens, and over the last few years developed a repertoire of original compositions and arrangements with 8-string Novax Guitarist Mark Anderson. I also play a few times a year for CopyCat NYC with Oye! And the Como Se Dices? Despite other varied interests in music and technology, the guitar has occupied some of this work, like my Master's Thesis, and practice remains a part of my daily routine.


As a performer I've logged thousands of hours. Beginning in my early teens I began to play in the typical garage band settings, and spent six years in Big Band at my middle and high school. I briefly studied classical guitar at Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory with Loris Chobanian, and during this time began playing The Chapman Stick.

In early 2006, resuming my education at CSU, I studied jazz and electric guitar with Bob Fraser, played in a variety of ensembles, and began gigging professionally thanks to contacts in the department. In 2007, I landed a teaching position at Fairmount School of Music, where I helped develop the For Those About to Rock program, and a series of advanced workshops. While regularly gigging with my jazz trio (and variations of), Stephen Samuel's Little Big Band, and supporting original acts, I launched Tricky Dick and The Cover-Ups®, arguably now one of the most popular cover acts in the Midwest, and growing nationally.