Various Projects

Tone Bender: Schematic Parts Layout PC Board

MIDI I/O Files: Schematic Component Layout PC Board
With Thru: Schematic Component Layout PC Board


Although a large portion of my tools' use is on repair work, my real fascination over the last few years has been with digitally controlled analog systems, and in particular uses of embedded design in analog audio. Although, I'm involved with a embedded DSP project with Design Compendium (Brooklyn, NY), most of my recent work has been centered around integrating MCUs (PIC, Atmel, and ARM-based solutions), into analog audio processing. I'm capable of efficient schematic layout and PCB design using CAD (EAGLE/DesignSpark PCB/KiCad), and producing full prototypes from design to construction.


Sometime late in Elementary school or early in middle school, I started ripping open all kinds of things to see how they worked, like small combustion engines, old stereos, record players, remote controls, etc... It was during high school that I became seriously interested in general electronics, and what made audio equipment work. I breadboarded loads of circuits from Forest M. Mims III Engineer's Mini-Notebooks, and began constructing guitar effects. My father, who had experience in electronics manufacturing and machining, broke out a number of his old tools and taught me how to use them - my exploration has continued and experience has developed to this day.