Catalog of Selected Compositions


(2012) Turbines Winding Down

for 8-string Novax Guitar, 6-string Electric Guitar, Cello, Violin, Flute, Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, and Drum Set
duration: 12 minutes

(2012) Le Traineau (Hommage au Erik Satie)

Miniature for 8-string Novax and 6-string Electric Guitars
duration: 90 seconds
commissioned by Concrete Timbre

(2011) 11 Variations on a Simple Theme

for String Quartet
duration: 11 Minutes

(2010) Three Sketches from the Desert

for Piano, Cello, Violin
duration: 3 Minutes
Performers: Rolf Schulte, David Russell, and Geoffrey Burleson

(2010) Conception

for Piano, Cello, Violin
duration: 5 Minutes

(2008) Incoming? Incoming!

for Chamber Orchestra
duration: 6 Minutes
Performers: Slee Sinfonietta

(2008) The Dogs Will Feast

for Narrator and Mixed Chamber Ensemble
Text by Don Bosley
duration: 5 Minutes
Performers:CSU New Music Ensemble

(2008) Prelude

for Soprano, Violin, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba
duration: 2 Minutes

(2008) Thoughts on a Fairy Tale

for Mixed 13 Piece Chamber Ensemble
duration: 6 Minutes
Performers:CSU New Music Ensemble

(2007) Eng and Chang Bunker

for Mixed Octet
duration: 4 Minutes

(2007) Flying

for Saxophone Quartet
duration: 7 Minutes

(2006) 'I'

for Brass Quintet
duration: 4 Minutes
Performer: Meridian Arts Ensemble

(2006) Was I Flying...Or Falling Endlessly?

for Saxophone Quartet
duration: 5 Minutes
Excerpt: Rascher Saxophone Quartet

(2006) Prelude in E Chromatic

for Solo Violin
duration: 6 Minutes
Performer: Rolf Schulte

(2004) Electric Fantasy

for solo Electric Guitar
duration: 3 Minutes


(2012) Puzzle Variations

for Algorithmic Audio Effects and Text Scrambling System
Text written and Read by Suzanne Kaprov
duration: infinity
commisioned by Ear to the Earth for the 100xJohn festival
Prelude: Suzanne Speaks
Variation #1: Suzanne Scrambled
Variation #2: Suzanne Spirals
Variation #3: Suzanne Shaped I
Variation #4: Suzanne Shaped II

(2011) System Studies in 6 Parts

Algorithmic Composition for Randomly Generated Timbres
duration: 7 minutes
Study #1 Study #2 Study #3 Study #4 Study #5 Study #6

(2011) Logic Experiment One

MAX/MSP Algorithmically driving Logic Pro
duration: 3 minutes

(2008) Trio

for Flute, Cello, and MAX/MSP
duration: 7 Minutes

(2008) Crofton's Differential Equation 2.0

for 3 Narrators, Double Bass, Drum Set, Piano Four-Hands and MAX/MSP
Text by Justin Yates
duration: 11 Minutes

(2007) Mirage in a Barren Landscape

for Bb Clarinet and MAX/MSP
duration: 6 Minutes
Performers: E.Micheal Richards and Don Bosley

(2007) Crofton's Differential Equation

for 3 Narrators, Double Bass, Drum Set, Disklavier and MAX/MSP
Text by Justin Yates
duration: 11 Minutes

(2004) Chariots of The Gods

Sound Collage for Playback
duration: 6 Minutes
Excerpt from Playback

(2003) Eight Sketches

for Electric/MIDI Guitar with Multi-FX
duration: 40 Minutes
Sketch #1 : The Nocturne
Sketch #2 : And Their Benevolence Shall Guide You...
Sketch #5 : Return Man to Dust
Sketch #7 : The Void Was Creation
Sketch #8 : The Corporal's Dream