Various Projects

Academic Work


My programming work centers around two things: DSP software for hardware (MCUs) and applying the results of my Master's Thesis findings, using Will Pirkle's Rack-FX, an API for creating VST plug-ins. Although C/C++ are my primary languages, I still exercise with Matlab/Octave working on DSP algorithms and proof of concept tests. Working on New Music World , I also gained skills in CSS and HTML, and have some familiarity with .js, jQuery, SVG, and Drupal.


My introduction to programming goes back to BASIC and Logo on the Apple iie as a child, but my interest in interactive media sparked my current track into programming, starting with MAX/MSP 4.2. Learning MAX independently gave me insights into synthesis, MIDI, and audio processing, and these, among other curiosities, lead to my Graduate Studies in NYU's Music Technology Program.

In M.Tech, MatLab was the de facto language, and I concentrated on Digital Audio Processing (DAP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and Music Information Retrieval (MIR). My performance as a student earned me a slot as a department tutor, and later the annual "Outstanding Graduate Student in M.Tech" award. System theory and artificial creativity have been two running themes in my software work.