Recording and Sound


I currently only do studio engineering, or live sound on a selective basis, as other types of projects tend to dominate my schedule. From 2010-2013 I worked on a number of recording and live sound projects with the Brooklyn-based W4 (West 4th) New Music Collective, and I'm on call for special events with Lyrical Graffiti.


Recording for me began with two and four track tapes and in the late-90s affordable digital audio workstation like N-Track. A 2 GB hard drive and 32 MB of RAM was quite limiting, but I knew the tech boom would produce robust, yet affordable systems in the near future.

In 2001, I purchased my first small home setup, and in 2002, built my first "powerhouse" computer whose sole purpose was audio work. I took two semesters of audio production at Lakeland Community College (Kirtland, OH) and got to spend time with engineer Paul Hamann at SUMA. I gained the bulk of my knowledge running live sound in bars/clubs, and recording bands and small ensembles at my studio space. In July '10, I participated in the Cleveland Contemporary Players Summer Recording Institute focused on the production of professional recordings for modern classical composers and in the same year started NYU's Graduate Music Technology Program, finishing in June '13.

Live Sound & Installation

Studio Engineering